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We have a wonderful space in Edinburgh where we run yoga classes and art and meditation workshops.

What does “Caim” mean?

Creating Art In Mindful Souls


CAIM is a Gaelic Scottish word that means:

“sanctuary, an invisible circle of protection drawn around the body with the hand to remind one of being safe and loved, even in the darkest time”.

Four are the reasons that enchanted me in choosing this name for our Holistic Art Retreats :

Our journeys are held in safe peaceful spots worldwide where our love and intentions to focus on you only create a special bubble of protection. We always start our retreats with a Caim Ceremony drawing an invisible circle with incense around our bodies to let the magic happen and feel protected like the Celts used to do.

Before even knowing that there was a name to call it, this circular gesture with the hand is something I’ve been doing every morning in my last ten years to protect myself.

This Gaelic word is my homage to Scotland that welcomed my spirit back home.

One of the original Celtic names of my birth city, Milan, is Medhelan which means “Sanctuary“, like “Caim”. This is my homage to my past.

Caims are invisible because you are the only one that can see them, feeling yourself in your own space where no one can enter.

Our Logo

Our beautiful woman in red symbolizes creative fertility holding in her right hand a brush to draw a Caim around herself. Her left-hand pauses in the Gyan or Om Mudra that brings peace and increases concentration.

She represents Art and Spirituality in a circle of protection and has been painted by Giada.

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