Yoga, shamanism, meditation, numerology

Yoga, shamanism, meditation, coaching, numerology, art

Flourish in your well-being and creativity through:

ART: Creativity is your inner passion to express your enthusiasm in whatever way you feel, from cooking to gardening to painting and more.

SPIRITUALITY: is your inner quest as a sacred tool for personal development, far from any religious context, which is always a personal choice.

Invisible Caims is the place to become a Soul Painter within your own heart, because Art is not Creativity if you only paint an object without your heart, just as the repetition of a mantra is not Spiritual if it is mechanical and there is no intention behind it. By adding colour to a ray of light that you are painting, you are simply giving a form of beauty to the deeper meaning and by using your heart when you express yourself, you begin your inner healing. Human beings are sparks of the Divine, so art is spirituality and spirituality is art related to the beauty of your heart. 

Iona Ayachi
Iona Ayachi
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Giada has been extremely kind, well- informed and helpful in my dealings with Invisible Caims. I received extensive advice which was authentic and detailed. I am enchanted with the accuracy of the information and would not hesitate to recommend Invisible Caims to others. My experience with Giada has enriched my spiritual awareness and offered me a great deal of knowledge to advance self- development. 10/10. Thank you ! 🙂
Lizzy Dunne
Lizzy Dunne @Lizzy Dunne
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I had my first shamanic healing session with Giada yesterday and it was simply incredible. I had never had one before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but Giada put me at ease straight away, her presence is warm and calming and I felt in very safe hands from the start. She is very gifted and can hold space for whatever you need to examine and explore in your life, even if you don’t know it yourself! The treatment was super relaxing, I felt transported to another world and after our session, I felt like a weight had been lifted off and i was looking at the world with a new clarity and lightness. I can’t thank Giada enough for the time she took to talk to me and the session itself, she is highly intuitive and knew exactly what needed healing and my big life themes, helping me look at them in a new way. I will most definitely be back!
Simon Drodzek
Simon Drodzek@simondrodzek
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If you feel a need for a deeper understanding of your soul, connection to infinite energy that crates everything, or just expanding your creativity and intuition don't look any further! YOU HAVE FOUND IT!! Giada is such a fantastic soul that has an incredible amount of knowledge. She will always do her best with any questions you might have and help you in your spiritual journey. As soon as you walk in you will feel an amazing aura and good energy. That will expand even further and will stay with you after anything you will experience in this amazing place. Thank you :)!!!!