We offer our knowledge and skills  to focus on your well-being, on your inner journey through Holistic Art and Spirituality. What does it mean?

HOLISTIC ART: is creativity as self-expression in any form, away from traditional art forms. Creativity is your inner passion to express your enthusiasm in any way you feel, from cooking to gardening to painting and more.

SPIRITUALITY: is your inner search as a sacred tool for personal development, away from any religious contest,  which is always a personal choice.

Invisible Caims is your place to become a Soul Painter within your Heart, because Art is not Creativity if you just paint an object without your heart, like repeating a mantra is not Spiritual if it’s mechanical and there is no intention behind. By adding colour to a ray of light that you are  painting, you are simply giving a shape of Beauty to the Deep meaning and by using your heart when you are expressing yourself, you start your inner healing. Humans are sparks of the Divine so Art is Spirituality and Spirituality is Art linked by the Beauty of your Heart. 

We go behind and beyond any culture, belief and background. We are here to help you flourish in your path and skills.