A Journey into Creative Struggle with Paraskevi Papagianni


She does not have a degree to certify that she is an artist. She does not have a piece of paper to cerify that she is mad either. But she has always wondered and when she came across the lyric in a song by a band called “The War on Drugs” she was delighted that she was not alone. The lyric goes “I’m at my finest hour, can I be more than just a fool?”. And this humbling uncertainty is at the very nature of the creative struggle which this collection of works hopes to represent. It is a journey of becoming one’s own person, of being with the “not-knowing”, through discomfort, isolation, confusion, but also with those moments of arrival on a new land, of vital anger and determination, but also finding the humanity and soft touch  that a fulfilling life requires. It is also a journey of communicating and sharing with the world the blueprint, and the prototype of what each of us imagines as a better place for us to be. Essentially the creative struggle which everyone partakes in regardless of whether they hold a brush or not, is the effort to find refuge and strenghth to build on the liquid ground of the ever changing yet at times destitute landscape of the current socio-economic situation in Europe and world-wide.


Liam Baker is a self taught singer-songwriter and poet. His motivation is to give expression to subconscious voices, and to bring to life the dream landscapes of his psyche. His work begins as a stream-of-consciousness, that is then worked into a finely-tuned end product. His stylistic influences include musical theatre, swing-jazz, folk music and new-classical.


MICHELA FURIN , amazing Italian violinist




Photo credit Roberto Ricciuti Photographer

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