A Journey into the Otherworld with Fee Scroggie


Her work explores the tensions between the seen and the unseen, the mythic and the mundane, trying to catch a glimpse of the mystery that dwells in the space inbetween.Inspired by research into ancient European cultures, symbology, hermeticism and metaphysics, she creates spectral and evocative pieces in the mediums of painting, print and sculpture.

Born in Salisbury in 1978 and raised in many locations around the British Isles before settling in Edinburgh in 1990, Fee Scroggie received her BA from Norwich School of Art in 2001. She studied and now works at the Leith School of Art and also as a private tutor to a diverse range of students. Currently based at Coburg House Studios in Edinburgh, she has exhibited widely in Scotland and regularly shows work as part of the Esbat Artist Collective.


Pat Dennis is a singer composer originally from Detroit, Michigan. He has 2 albums, ‘Mystery Train To infirmary Street’ and ‘Blessings…And Curses’, released in 2012 and 2013 severally. He and Sean have been playing together since June 2013. Pat sings and plays guitar, Sean plays lead guitar and mandolin. They play a mix of Americana, country, and folk. They play in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow.



Photo credit Roberto Ricciuti Photographer

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