A Journey Through a Decade with Caroline Fulton


Caroline Fulton is a practising artist living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She graduated from the University of Newcastle, England in 2004 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.  She has spent several years living in India and Morocco and travelled widely in South East Asia and South America, which informs her thoughtfully decorative paintings of endangered wildlife.

‘My drawings and paintings focus on portraying animals, shown against a background of traditional patterns and motifs, which represent the art and hand-craft of the indigenous people in the animal’s place of origin.

The rapid loss of species we are seeing today is estimated by experts to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate.  Art provide us with a visual platform that can potentially engage a wide audience, hopefully my paintings inspire people to think about our shared responsibilty and individual involvement in preserving and celebrating our natural heritage and to think about how our own future is dependant upon the survival and harmony of the many other life forms that inhabit the earth.


Musician and vocalist Davie ‘Street Rat’ Luhanga is making waves in the music world. Davie relocated from Malawi to Scotland in 2014, leaving behind a big fan base back in Malawi and with a 10 week European tour under his belt, Davie now fronts the Edinburgh based band Tilitose (meaning “we are in this together”)

  Photo credit Patrice Mestari, Photographer  

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