A Journey through Shapes and Shades with Mara Barth


Mara was born in Ireland, her parents are German and later she lived in Portugal for 10 years, She now lives and practises in Edinburgh, Scotland. The muddle of roots, cultures and languages have always influenced her being and also her art. Home, birth, beginnings and change are only some of the topics clearly reflected in her body of work.

The work shown in this exhibition “Journey into shades and shapes” represents a more intimate perspective of Mara’s artistic development.Showing drawings and paintings which mostly have not been exhibited before, this exhibition allows the viewer to experience various different phases of interests and themes present in Mara’s work.Often these pieces were part of research processes which later were interpreted into installation or performance pieces. They allow a personal insight into the artists world of shade and shape, exploring technical aspects of composition but also shapes and shapes of what it is to be an artist, a women, alive and living, with all its elements of conflict and search of being.



HENRIQUE LUIS amazing Portuguese musician













        Photo credit Roberto Ricciuti Photographer

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