A Journey through the Chakras with Shamanic Practice and Yoga

This is a special course consisting of 7 workshops (with drop-in bookings available) where Giada from Invisible Caims and Cori from Koa are intended to explore the vast world of chakras from a shamanic and a yoga perspective. The chakra descriptions we are most familiar with are commonly linked with yoga and the concept of Prana or life force energy, but among the aboriginal cultures around the world, we can find references to the chakras too. The chakras contain maps of our life experience interpreted through their various lenses and when the 7 main chakras are open and balanced, they are represented by a particular archetype of our subconscious or its shadow, if they are unbalanced. Archetypes are patterns of behaviour “ like the Warrior, the Inner Child, the Hero and more. This deep fascinating concept was introduced by Jung and developed by James Hillman and others later on.

You will work with Giada on a shamanic-psychological channeling level with a variety of exercises from the imaginary world, visualizations and meditations to align chakras in light of each archetype. This process will be extremely beneficial in recognizing where you are along the path of your spiritual, emotional and physical journey. 

Yoga is the practice of being balanced within and without, using breath, physical asana and energy to find stillness in the mind and body. Prana, translated as life force energy travels through our bodies through various channels, in yoga terms called “Nadis”.  Yoga theory tells us there are 72’000 Nadis in the body, and these NADIS move through points of intensified energy.  These points present as spinning vortexes of energy and are called chakras.  In Sanskrit, chakra translates into wheel.  Based on yoga theory, the human body has 7 major chakras, each with a different colour, meaning and source of energy.  These 7 chakras when balanced allow us to feel loved, rooted, creative, aligned and open to change. Cori will guide you through various yoga practices using pranayama or breath work and a combination of Yin, restorative and vinyasa yoga to find a deep connection with your own energy.  You will be taken on a physical and energetic journey through each chakra individually.  Expect clear instruction, adjustments for most bodies, guided meditation, use of mantras and readings.  


We recommend attending the entire course to enjoy the full journey through your chakras, but we understand this may not be possible. If you are unable to attend on that day, just book the class and  we’ll send the recording to you automatically. 

The full course is £135  and it includes recordings. It can be booked writing to giada@invisiblecaims.com 

Individual drop-in workshops £21   book in our page Classes searching search for the relevant class (1st chakra, 2nd chakra excetera)

If you cannot attend, we’ll send the recordings to you 

Saturdays 4-6pm Uk time

  • 1st chakra  10th April               
  • 2nd chakra 1st May 
  • 3rd chakra  19th June
  • 4th chakra 10th July 
  • 5th chakra 7th August
  • 6th chakra  11th September
  • 7th chakra   2nd October

Material required: 

  • A mat
  • any yoga props if you have them including a bolster, blocks, blanket.  If you do not have any yoga props or a mat, you can use thick books (x2), a blanket, 2 large pillows and a small chair.  Yoga can be practiced on a floor, carpet or even on a towel. 
  • Colourful pencils  and paper
  • A light scarf

First Chakra on 10th April 

The first chakra is associated with our Roots and the archetype of our  Inner Child. Jung’s archetypes are founded upon the idea that we do not come into this world as a blank slate. This concept is echoed in eastern philosophies and the belief in past and future lives. The child archetype is essential to our survival.  It holds within it our earliest feelings of security and safety and we carry that sense with us throughout our lives. But when our sense of security is threatened or we perceive fear or potential discomfort, our inner child takes over and exhibits negative characteristics. The wounds of the Child are what we experience in our adult life as a painful feeling of emptiness, of being lost, like something is missing.Giada will use the shamanic practice to work with your root consciousness where your seeds of karma are stored and the inner child resides. Creativity and visualizations will claim back your capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence and playfulness. 

And then Cori will take care of your Root or Muladhara chakra in your body, being located at the base of the spine, identified with Red and the vibration Lam.   It is your personal relationship with Groundedness, stability and connection to the world. This root chakra is where the foundational flow of the entire universes energy enters you and is understood to be a direct connection to the earth.  When the root chakra is balanced, your body is strong, you feel safe, supported and your spiritual energy is connected with reality, which is something extremely essential right now .  Our Muladhara Grounding Yoga with Cori will encourage you to feel rooted through your breath, feel connected with your body through mindful poses, and be empowered by embracing your inner teacher.  Coris yoga class combines the styles of vinyasa, restorative and Yin yoga.  Expect chanting, mantras, colour visualisation and poses which promote energy flow to the root chakra.  Coris yoga classes are for everyone, irrelevant of shape, ability or experience