Breath Yoga

This flow is designed to restore energy and vitality through gentle movement and the use of breath.

In times of stress, we often loose touch with ourselves and it is therefore instrumental to reconnect with our breathing and the deepest areas of our bodies. The class combines the smooth transition from asana to asana of vinyasa yoga and the holding of postures of hatha, in order to find strength and softness at the same time.

Open to beginners as well as intermediate practitioners.

Fridays 1.00-2.00 pm

from 20th September


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Drop in: £12

3 classes: £33

6 classes: £60



Originally from Italy, she initially came to yoga to overcome a major loss and find new meanings. She soon realised the practise was going to change her for good and for the better.

“Yoga is to me a powerful way to reach a sense of balance and a more mindful approach to any aspect of life, from our relationships with others to the way we eat. It has also the ability to bring to the surface our truest self, our talents, our life purposes.”

She certified with Trimurti Yoga School in Dharamsala (India) and her teaching style fuses the fluidity of Vinyasa and the pace of Hatha, while investigating aspects of Kundalini yoga and the philosophy of chakras.


She has also been studying in the BSc Nutrition programme at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh