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RED: YOGA CLASS with Cori Wilkie- Koa
Muladhara Grounding Yoga   

£10     1 hour

The first chakra is the root chakra or Muladhara in sanskrit, The term muladhara comes from the Sanskrit mula, meaning ‘root’ and adhara, meaning ‘support’. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, the related colour is RED and the vibration LAM.
It is your personal relationship with GROUNDEDNESS, stability and connection to the world. This root chakra is where the foundational flow of the entire universe’s energy enters you and is understood to be a direct connection to the earth. When the root chakra is balanced, your body is strong, you feel safe, supported and your spiritual energy is connected with reality, which is something extremely essential right now.
To be grounded is to feel safe, calm and in harmony, in body and in mind. Our MULADHARA GROUNDING YOGA class with Cori will encourage you feel rooted through your breath, feel connected with your body through mindful poses, and be empowered by embracing your inner teacher. Cori’s yoga class combines the styles of hatha, vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga. The class will focus on the root chakra, expect chanting, mantras, colour visualisation and poses which promote energy flow to the root chakra. Cori’s yoga classes are for everyone, irrelevant of shape, ability or experience.Material required: A mat, any yoga props if you have them including a bolster, blocks, blanket. If you do not have any yoga props or a mat, you can use thick books (x2), a blanket, 2 large pillows and a small chair. Yoga can be practiced on a floor, carpet or even on a towel.

ORANGE: CREATIVITY CLASS with Giada Gaslini- Invisible Caims
Create your Rainbow Salt Dough: meditate with the palms of your hands 

£10     1hour 30min 

The second chakra is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and CREATIVITY and the related colour is ORANGE . Its element is water and as such, its energy is characterized by flow and flexibility.
To be flexible means to be willing to adapt to change, which is something, that has affected us recently more than ever. It means you not only can stay focused on your goals, but also can easily adjust how you achieve them with original solutions.
SALT DOUGH is a wonderful way to play creatively as art shows reality as it changes under your hands and takes the shape of you dreams, your personal touch. When you are driving your attention to a specific task, you become completely absorbed and you lose track of time. Have you ever experienced that? Well, this is exactly like MEDITATION: you are concentrated in the actual moment. Mindfulness is not reaching ecstasy, it is simply being present.
Our class with Giada will start with a brief meditation to connect our hearts with our creative child within, our inner artist, through the visualization of the Orange colour and of our beautiful Rainbow. This will open your doors to relaxation and deeper access to your creative soul. Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular – with painting, poetry, dancing, singing. Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach – It’s your happiness when you make something with your own hands. It’s finding Beauty in Imperfection.And those tasks involving the hands – cooking, gardening, crafts – have a therapeutic effect as you get a deep sense of satisfaction by making something, regardless of the final result. The actual gesture of MAKING makes you happy and proud as self-expression can help to let go of negative thoughts and experiences.With this in mind you will start mixing flour, salt and water while simply relaxing the palms of your hands and fingers in this easy and low-cost activity. This form of crafting was started by ancient Egyptians for modelling.Ideally pls attend the class from the kitchen and protect your working table if you think appropriate.The list of ingredietents will be sent to you.

YELLOW: COOKING CLASS with Valentina Casati- The Oven Fan 
Natural Cooking Class: sweet dreams are made of treats

(Banana energy bars and Crunchy brittle)

£10     1hour 

The third chakra is associated with YELLOW colour. This is your “MOVING FORWARD and following through” chakra that takes you in the direction of the seeds you have planted. This radiating power moves you toward your target and awakens your personal, internal strength to achieve your intention and desires.This is the chakra of the sun because the golden yellow sun that radiates from the solar plexus is transforming you in every moment.
COOKING is a symbol of transformation like a charming alchemy that lets ingredients evolve into a bridge of nourishment, energy and pleasure of your senses.
In our class with Valentina we are going to explore the basics and principles of what natural cooking means to me: something practical that you can take away from the class and apply in your kitchen! A funny virus is keeping us locked – how easy is to binge of sugary sweets on the sofa in times of Covid? Let’s bake some tasty, extremely simple treats with basic ingredients that will not make you feel guilty! The list of ingredietents will be sent to you .


GREEN: FLOWER ESSENCES CLASS with  Maria Doherty-Shimmering Wings 
Flower and Vibrational essences to Balance the Heart Chakra

£10     1 hour and 30 minutes 

The fourth chakra is also called the HEART chakra and it is your personal connection to LOVE, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and peace. Traditionally is associated with the colour GREEN. If we could open our hearts even a little each day, we would be happier, and those around us would feel that shift and share that energy. That’s what we all need right now. Of course, to get the love flowing, you need to love yourself first, which is challenging for many of us. What’s the challenge? We have built many barriers to receiving love. But you need to fill yourself first, so you can serve the world. Be the river; be full; be abundant so that it will flow to others.
In our class, with Maria will begin with a brief description of the heart chakra, what it feels like when it is in balance and harmony (unconditional love of self and others, empathy and compassion) and what may cause it to be out of balance (e.g. grief, hurt, abuse, relationship difficulties, fear of intimacy, loneliness).We will look and various flower and vibrational essences that can help to balance and harmonise the heart chakra. These will include essences that promote love of self and others, compassion, peace, forgiveness, trust and abundance.
The second part of our class will include a meditation involving a visit to a secret garden where you can connect with different trees and flowers like in your own invisible safe nest.
The fourth chakra is called Anahata and the vibration of the mantra is Yaam.
No material required for the class.


BLUE: WRITING&YOGA CLASS with Sarah- Alexandra Teodorescu, Life is Just a Story Written
Creating Sacred Space on the Page and on the Mat

£20    2 hours

The fifth chakra, also called THROAT chakra, is your personal connection to EXPRESSION and it is traditionally associated with the BLUE colour. This is where you communicate, emote, and give yourself permission to express. Before there can be a growth breakthrough or a step into the next chapter of your life, you must give yourself permission to move forward in some way.
The fifth chakra is called Vishuddha and the vibration of the mantra is Haam
Join Sarah-Alexandra in her deep love of creating sacred space. We will explore what sacred space is, and how we create it within ourselves and in our homes. We will be working with the 5th chakra and our ability to express ourselves. What blocks are we facing, and how do we move through them? We will be focusing on the color blue to invite tranquility, peace, and calm. We will use the page, and our yoga mats to create daily rituals of trust, connection, and honest reflection. We will move through gentle, yoga inspired movement to shift energy and still the mind. When the mind is still, we have much clearer connection to our creativity, intuition, and our capacity for self-expression. The session will end with a deep, yoga nidra relaxation dedicated to our inner child.
What you will need for your workshop:
A yoga mat, or rug.
A notebook and pen.
A candle.
Something blue.
Anything else that you treasure and that makes you feel loved (blankets, pillows, essential oils, crystals etc).


INDIGO: MEDITATION CLASS with Susie Hooper- Pause & Breathe
Listen to you-Mindfulness

£10      1 hour 

The sixth chakra, also called the third-eye chakra, is your personal connection to source, to insight, INTUITION. Traditionally associated with the INDIGO colour, it is considered the connecting point between your personal soul and the universal spirit. A spiritual chakra, which means “beyond wisdom,” it leads you to an inner knowledge that will guide you if you let it. An open sixth chakra can enable clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, and visualization.
In our class with Susie we will share a variety of mindfulness practices aimed at increasing our ability to listen to our intuition. We will start by tuning into our sixth chakra with a beautiful meditation that uses a visualisation of the colour indigo to help us to connect to our third eye.
Bring any decisions that you are currently struggling to make as we use a heart mapping technique to tap into our natural intuition for the answers.
Finally, we end with a deep relaxation practice where we will focus on our Ajna Chakra and listen to the truth it can show us.Please bring with you paper and pen, and make sure that you have cushions / blankets so you can be warm and cosy.

The sixth chakra is called Ajna and the vibration of the mantra is Shaam


VIOLET: SPIRITUALITY CLASS with Beatrice Sala- Las Raices del Alma 
Violet: Purification, Transmutation, Transformation

£15      1 hour and 30 minutes

he seventh chakra, or crown chakra, is your connection to the unbounded, infinite, expanding FLOW of the universe. The colour associated with this chakra is VIOLET or white. This is the chakra in which everything that has just flowed through your flows back out into the universe. When you have limiting beliefs, opening up the crown chakra allows you access to the entire universe of possibilities. This is you in your most universal state, surrending your individuality and ego for cosmic consciousness.
The seventh chakra is called Sahaswara and the vibration of the mantra is Om.We are SOULS living a HUMAN EXPERIENCE. We come to Earth to LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE.
Human life is the most difficult school, but, at the same time, it is the one that teaches us the most and makes us move forward.
The SOUL is our ESSENCE, it is PURE LIGHT and PURE LOVE and it is clean, but when we incarnate, we have a PHYSICAL BODY and an ENERGETIC BODY that can become dirty.
As we take care of our physical body, washing and cleaning it, so should we do with our energetic body.
In this class we will work in various ways with the COLOR VIOLET, the AMETHYST crystal, ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL, the ascended Master KUAN YIN and OTHER ALLIES and TOOLS to learn how to purify and transform both our energy and what prevents us from advancing more easily in life: feelings, emotions, pains, fears, limiting beliefs.

  • PEN


£20    2hours and 30minutes

Welcome shamanic healing ceremony by special guest Giada Gaslini
Introduction to chakras, imbalances, balances, colours, vibrations, mudras, mantras
Yoga physical practice to connect with your chakras
Guided meditation to embrace your chakras and feel grounded . When our chakras are balanced we feel safe, calm, loved and grounded. Join Cori and Giada for a special 2 hour workshop. Embrace your chakras, feel a deep connection to your body and find balance with your breath. Cori is a Reiki Master who has a passion for the power of energy; she combines her knowledge of energy flow with mindful, beautiful yoga poses, leaving you energised and centred. Let Giada share her deep connection with spirituality and empower you to follow your path.

Mat required.


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