Surrending and Letting Go

Our online Mini Retreats each Sunday are an opportunity for reflection. We will explore a different theme each week through the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Divination
Giada will start our time together, tuning with the energy of a different Spirit each time and delivering you an intuitive choice of a divination tool as an ally that can help you in your personal growth.
Cori will invite you to embrace our theme through mindful, energising movement and breath. Expect poems, chanting, mindful yoga and guided meditation via yoga nidra.
Our Spiritual Tool today will be Fairies which are wonderful allies that can help you manifesting your heart’s desires. Many people believe in Angels, few people believe in fairies, which are angels that reside very close to the Earth and have wings like dragonflies or butterflies. But unlike angels, they have egos, like human beings and they like playing and enjoying life. They remind us that life is joyful and fun, that nature needs your respect, that everything is alive, that you can magically manifest anything. Which fairy will you attract today?

Yoga nidra will continue with a creative theme, giving you the opportunity connect with laughter, happiness, feeling free.

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