Drink In Art - Exhibitions in people's homes


Drink in Art is a Circle of Art Exhibitions in private flats that I run in Edinburgh between 2015-2017 and now happening at the Art and Spirituality Centre in Gorgie-


My aim was to create a place of artistic connections in private homes to escape the official venues. so that people can feel Art is accessible and part of our homelife. The idea was to celebrate “Drink in Art”, a way to have a cultural drink strictly connected to artistic themes expressed with painting, installations and always live music.

Our home is the place where our brain gets too comfortable as an everyday surrounding, so having art inside our houses makes the world look new. And when the world looks new, our mind works harder and in a different way. Looking at frames on walls helps guests attending  to imagine easily if that work would suit in their flat.

Everyone can apply for hosting an event. How? You replace your frames with an artist’s creations and we can help you organizing everything. Just bear with us and once Mr Covid allows, we’ll be back.


A Journey Through a Decade with Caroline Fulton

A Journey into the Otherworld with Fee Scroggie

A Journey into Creative Struggle with Paraskevi Papagianni

Cityscapes from Another Reality with Rafael Gonzalez

A Journey through Shapes and Shades with Mara Barth

A Journey into Womanhood with Eleonora Scalise