Find your Ikigai: your passion and purpose in life 14th September Edinburgh Palette

Find your ikigai: your passion and purpose in life
14th September 2019 14.00-18.00
Studio 5.03 Edinburgh Palette/St Margareth House
151 London Road | EH7 6AE Edinburgh |
4 hours workshop £30


Ceremony with meditation

Heart yoga  (no experience)

Kintsugi: break and repair pottery with gold*

Find your own shape with painting and clay

Vegan food and tea

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Some people are lucky to find a job that corresponds to their true passion. They earn a living doing what they love. But there are a lot of people that do not have such a privilege or can’t find the courage for such a big change.  If you are one of them, the Japanese people from the island of Okinawa have a word for you: Ikigai. It’s your “reason for being”, where you combine what you love with what you are good at and what the world needs.

Our afternoon together will start sitting down in our welcome ceremony and, after some moments of meditation, you will think about some easy questions: what do you love? What are you good at? No need to have a clear answer, just let your emotions talk.

With your heart full of passion, full of you, you will open your heart chakra in a wonderful hour of yoga with Martina.

The fourth chakra is the wellspring of love, compassion, kindness and respect. This energy center is said to be where the physical and spiritual meet and Martina will help you to align your chakra and be filled with self-acceptance and joy.

After yoga we will have a relaxing break with wonderful vegan recipes and tea prepared by our Italian cook, Valentina. And with your soul full of lovely food, you will focus on what is keeping you away from your passions. You will visualize and write them down on some paper that will go inside your bowl. With full awareness of these fears and block, you will firmly break your pottery with a hammer and with the help of others, you will purify the space around you and inside yourself.

It will be now time to repair your pottery with gold through the art of kintsugi, that teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride. This is the essence of resilience: the present situation that blocks you from joining your passions should be taken in their positive aspect of imperfection. You learn from experience to become stronger, to accept the right time to come, to develop into your essence of being.

*Please notice this is a personal modern version of the ancient art of Kintsugi.

And your ikigai will be expressed in the last part of our workshop through another form of creativity. You will find your own way, your own shape through painting or clay.

Which shape have your heart, your passion, your inner fire?

Is there any way that your skills could be applied to those things you want to see improve? Any way they can become your job?

What to take with you?

a small/medium ceramic bowl that you will break and repair

an object for our altar

We will provide yoga mats and the other material


sample image for kintsugi

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