Make your Dreams Bloom 26th September/24th October


Be realistic! Be practical!  Have you ever heard someone or yourself giving you this advice?

I guess so. Well, the words and actions of other people often influence the power of your creative visualization and cuts off your wings of manifestation, holding you back.

Realism is not Realization. If a dream seems silly, impossible or unattainable, it will never come into your reality. Once the seed of doubt is planted, insecurity and fear grow day by day and become incredible forests. And among those trees that little voice inside you becomes clearer and stronger until you believe that:

You do not have the skills to obtain and realize your wishes;

You are not worthy to create the life you want because conditions are uncertain, so better waiting;

You are not smart enough to create a happy and abundant life;

You are too old or too young;

You do not deserve the manifestation of your ambitions.

Feet on the ground! This is how our Shamanic Welcome Ceremony will start: with the conditions we have, with our bodies the way they have entered the studio or you have connected from home during that morning. We will call upon the Directions to work with us during our morning and create a safe sacred space where everything will become possible.

Through a deep meditation, you will release the stress and the blocks of your week, and you will start to feel that, actually your feet on the ground can be a valid support, if you use them to plant your roots and feel grounded. 

In your beliefs though, not in your current life. 

Your ability to create the life you want depends on your ability to believe before you can see: the exact opposite of the motto “seeing is believing”. So you will be asked to blindfold yourself and start your guided creative visualization of your dreams. 

This is the miracle of creation: when you learn to use your mind to create “something” from “nothing”, you can achieve and manifest anything.

Your body will then be prepared to manifest by our Yoga Teacher Martina.

Manifesting your dreams through yoga is winning over your fear of falling – or failing – and open up to receive what you truly need in your life journey, This will be attempted by the power of asana, pranayama and meditation, with a focus on balancing postures -to try and let go of fear of falling- and heart-opening postures to prepare yourself to be open to listen, to see in the darkness, to believe and to receive.

We will then have a break to have a something to drink and eat and share our smiles.

And afterwards the question will be: Ok, what can you do from a practical point of view in your everyday life to make your dreams bloom?

You will learn to use your inner compass to understand that every manifestation is up to you. And your Making Time will be the creative time to make your beautiful Dream Catcher. Learning the origins of this native American ritual, you will discover that this spiritual tool represents your life with its circle.

Making something with your hands will help you to understand that transformation is accessible and is exactly in the palms of your hands. Not in external lucky conditions that decide to reach you randomly.