Mondays (fortnightly)

All classes: £5

  • 28th October
  • 11th November
  • 9th December
  • 16th December


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Meditation techniques can help us to create calm by focusing on the present moment. Using techniques that pay attention to body sensations and breathing, we can discover a tranquil space from our minds to our hearts.


Meditation is simply the creation of a nice space. It’s not about achieving ecstasy, but rather slowing down and doing something with mindfulness. Above all, it starts from breathing. The way of breathing affects the way of thinking. Although our thoughts wont switch off, our mind will become calmer. Meditation helps us to accept what is happening without trying to fix our thoughts.

Many of us spend a third of our life ruminating about past events, and another third illuding ourselves about the future. We only have one third left for the present moment. Meditation is simply being present. How? Starting from our body. If we feel our body deeply while it moves, we become present. Because we are concentrating on what we are doing, a natural status of meditation arises.


Take 45 minutes for yourself.


Take 45 minutes to relax.


No experience is required. If you are not comfortable crossing your legs, that’s no problem. We will explore alternative ways.