Arbonne products

Invisible Caims has partnered with Arbonne

What is Arbonne?

Arbonne is holistic connection between mind and body,  healthy living, inside and out.

And as one of my spiritual teachers always say:  the best way to start your meditation journey is to start from your body, because it is easier than taming the mind. This will come after.

And when we start taking care of our body, through exercise and care, we feel better and our mind feels calmer.

The advantage of Arbonne products is in their promise to deliver a holistic approach, with cleaner formulas for better skincare and make-up results and plant-powered nutrition.

From the beginning, Arbonne developed pure products with botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested formulas with incredible results.

Arbonne is a B corporation, which means they reach the highest standards for the environment and for people. Founded 40 years ago in Switzerland, it is now present in the Uk, Us, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Poland. Are you thinking of a sustainable gift to someone you know in these countries?  Well you can ship it directly from your account to one of these countries without paying a fortune for the shipment. Ask me how!

Arbonne’s products are:
Botanically based
Gluten free
Soy free
Non gmo
No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners
Recyclable packaging and shipping boxes
Cruelty free: not tested on animals
No petroleum, parabens, mineral oil excetera: they have a list of 2000 ingredients banned from their production
They have a charitable foundation inside the company and they partner with different charities in each country where we are present like for ex to help teenagers overcome issues like eating disorders, to have, education to build healthy relationships.


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