Show who you are – 15th February

A creative afternoon together

Ceremony with meditation

Release yoga

Paint your identity mask

Vegan break and tea

£35 only  book your spot here (it includes a fee)

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Behind every mask there is a face and behind every face there is a story.

We all wear masks, also with ourselves, when we tell us the stories we want to hear.

How do you feel about the face you’re portraying for the world to see? Are you truly yourself? Do you feel that you can be you, no matter what social situation you’re in?

Why are we so afraid to be authentic?

During this afternoon together we’ll start with a welcome ceremony with meditation to introduce ourselves and try to identify the time when we think we perform in our daily life.

This epic performance is a huge drain on our minds, bodies and souls. It’s a hard act to constantly pretend to be, or feel like you need to be, someone else.

Martina will then gently guide your release through yoga. Unexpressed emotions become stored and held in the body and, over time, create physical tightness, stress, tension, and sometimes pain. Yoga is the perfect tool to release emotional tension in the body and to experience the healing that comes with this release.

Valentina’s healthy vegan break with food and tea will support your gut which can reflect how you are feeling emotionally. If you’re stressed or anxious this can make your gut slow down or speed up.

Becoming authentic is a process to begin knowing yourself.  It’s having the courage to acknowledge your limitations, and embrace your own vulnerability.

Sometimes, it’s okay to break the rules. Not randomly, but with a purpose. Choose to break the rules that limit you, but evaluate the consequences, stick to your values, and consider the collective good, not just your personal gain.

In our creative part, we’ll start with a skincare treat, where you will literally wear a light gel mask to reproduce that feeling of filter between yourself and the world surrounding you and you’ll write down a letter to identify these rules you need to go over. You’ll make a list of words that describe the person you are and you want to be and you’ll have the opportunity to paint your new identity wooden mask, learning a bit about the origins of masks in human history.

In our final ceremony, you’ll then re-introduce your new true self to others with this new vision in your heart.