Term and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

For classes and workshops run by Invisible Caims 

Updated 17 December  2020



The word “Studio” refers to the Studio 5.03, 151 London Road, Eh7 6AE Edinburgh

The word “Building” refers to St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh Palette at the same address



Bookings are non- refundable. Special conditions apply in Covid-19 Policy



By booking a class or workshop or retreat -online or in the studio or any other venues – with us, you release Giada Gaslini, Invisible Caims and any business partners working with Invisible Caims  from any liability arising out of any personal injuries (online or in person), theft in the venue or damages that may happen to people and objects while attending.


How to reach the studio 5.03

St Margaret’s House/Edinburgh Palette (it’s a big building with written Art near Meadowbank)

151 London Road, Eh7 6AE  Edinburgh

Just ring the reception bell and join us on 5th floor -see special Covid-19 Policy below

In case of any issue please call Giada’s mob 07930073303


Directions   On foot  Our main pedestrian entrance is accessible from London Road, via a footbridge with two sets of steps. You will find us beside the Registers of Scotland building.

By car  The entrance to the parking area is via Restalrig Road South. Take a left before the bridge into the car park of the Registers of Scotland building, then follow the railway line to the back of the brown brick building behind theirs. Access to our building is available via a big blue door at our basement entrance.

Car parking spaces belong to our neighbours, the Registers of Scotland. No parking available between the hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday – Friday. You must find a parking space elsewhere (e.g. on street parking).

Disabled parking is available, but limited to 4 spaces and for Blue Badge holders only.

St Margaret’s House has several frequent bus services which connect it with the city centre, Waverley train station, the bus station and other parts of the city.

Lothian Buses routes: 4, 5, X5, X7, 26, X26, 44, 45, 104, 113 & 124


The studio is regularly cleaned and disinfected and implementation of care is taken on a regular basis and before and after each use . We require you will leave the space clean and tidy as you find it. 


Shoes off 

We like keeping our studio a clean space. If you are able to support our request, please leave your shoes near the door inside. 


First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit is present in the studio in our storage boxes ( second upper row, first box on the right)


Escape Plan a copy is placed on the inside part of the studio behind the main door.




Sign in / sign out sheets

It is mandatory for all tenants, visitors and guests to sign in when they enter the building and sign out when they leave for test and protect purposes. There is a notebook on the table by the entrance and on level B2. Please remember to sign.

Please wash your hands as soon as you enter the building and use hand sanitiser beforehand situated on each floor and in the studio, when entering the building and before entering our studio. Please consider to bring your own hand sanitiser to avoid contact of shared dispensers and use it on site.  Remember to cover your face with the bend of your elbow or a tissue if you cough or sneeze. Tissues should be placed in the bin and removed and thrown in the closed bins situated near the lift before leaving the studio. Please be respectful and take care of it personally.

Signage to maintain hygiene standards like hand washing and coughing etiquette are present in the common areas of the building.

Distance in place and Face Coverings

It is a mandatory requirement visitors and tenants are all in the habit of adhering to social distancing measures when in the building and in the studio. Face coverings are mandatory throughout the building in common areas such as in corridors, stairwells, kitchenettes and the lifts (limited to 2 people at any one time) and wherever the distance of 2 meters cannot be respected. Those with health conditions are exempt from this. 

The use of face coverings is recommended in the studio as stated on the Scottish Government Website “ In indoor places and where physical distancing is difficult and where there is a risk of contact within 2 metres with people who are not members of your household, you are expected to wear a face covering” but please note that the World Health Organisation (WHO) advise that wearing a face covering during exercise is not recommended but should you wish to wear a face covering, you are responsible of any decision taken.


The respect of the 2 meters distance is mandatory in the studio.


Covid-19 Symptoms Protocol


Most common symptoms:


dry cough


Less common symptoms:

aches and pains

sore throat




loss of taste or smell

a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms:

difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

chest pain or pressure

loss of speech or movement

Please make sure you have no symptoms when entering the building and the studio and that you have not been in close proximity with others positive to Covid within the previous 14 days or have visited any countries for which Scotland requires self-isolation after return for two weeks. You will be asked to confirm this in writing when booking and you are responsible of taking your temperature before coming to the class and to inform Invisible Caims writing to giada@invisiblecaims.com if any conditions have changed on the day of the booking or you will not be allowed to the class, as this is a breaking to our terms and conditions.

The Scottish Government asks for any booking to keep track of names and contact details of clients/guests for at least 30 days as for the Protocol for contact and trace measures. We will do it in respect of your Privacy. Should anyone using the studio report symptoms afterwards and be in the process of self-isolating and booking a test, Invisible Caims needs to be informed in writing and will act accordingly to inform Edinburgh Palette and anyone that had access to the studio. We will inform you on our side, if we are made aware of the same  by other parties using the studio or reporting symptoms in the whole building. We will inform you about any further protocol or local lockdown that may be required. Every existing booking in place will then be suspended till the re-opening of the studio and/or the building. 

If someone using the studio was isolated as a suspected COVID-19 case,  Invisible Caims should be informed immediately. You will be advised to monitor yourself for symptoms for 14 days and take your temperature twice a day and follow the relevant procedures suggested by the NHS. 

If anyone comes to the studio with symptoms, this is breaking the present policy conditions and Invisible Caims has the right to send the person at home and not refund any booking. 

If anyone starts to feel unwell during the use of the studio, we will stop the class, send everyone at home and ask to self-isolate (including the support  bubble) till the person with symptoms have results of the test and for the others to monitorate their health conditions. We will stay in touch with everyone through emails or texts. Once the person receives the result, all the others will be informed. If a positive outcome is found, the relevant procedures above will be followed.

It is down to the individual to take personal responsibility when participating in physical activity and when entering a space that is used and shared by other parties.  Invisible Caims does not take any responsibility about possible risks that may arise but can only advise and enforce guidelines and legal requirements as defined by the Scottish Government and local authorities. 


Should you be positive to Covid-19 before attending the class and not able therefore to attend, we will ask you to see evidence and a voucher will be issued for you that will have no expiry date. Should you prefer to receive a refund, this will be possible, minus the small paypal fees in case you have booked through our booking system.  Of course, if you wish your ticket price to be used as a donation, we’d be very grateful as this will help our small business  through this disruptive period.

Should you have symptoms and not be able therefore to attend our class, please get in touch with us and we will deal with every single case in the best of our possibilities and trust.



We would normally allow the use of mats, blankets, props, mugs and cushions, but due to the current situation, for hygiene reasons, these are NOT ALLOWED till further notice. Please bring your own material. Participants should arrive in the appropriate clothing for the session as changing is not advisable. No personal equipment should be left  in the studio after use.

Please bring your own water bottles.

When attending a creative class or workshop, you will be offered to use our material, please be re-assured that everything has been disinfected prior use. Please take your own apron from home and your own disposable gloves if you prefer. We will offer disposable napkins to clean brushes or your hands from colours. 

Before each  session, we will remind you exactly what to take.

Limit of number of people in the Studio


Following the same distance procedure of the 2 meters, the maximum number of people allowed in the studio at the current date of the document is 8. This number will be reviewed on a regular basis. 


Increased Ventilation


We will allow some fresh air from the window at the beginning and at the end of the time in the studio, to guarantee ventilation in the space.


By booking and  attending our classes and workshops you agree to all regular and special Covid-19 Health and Safety measures required.


We will be closely monitoring the situation and will reassess and adjust accordingly our conditions. Please check on the Scottish Government website for any updates related to yoga studios and creative studios.


Giada Gaslini, Invisible Caims