The power of habits 16th May

The Power of Habits

How to build your inner discipline every day

Ceremony with meditation

Grounding yoga

Vegan break 

Creative time: printing with leaves

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Your life is essentially the sum of your habits that represent about 40% of your behaviours every day. Every habit you have, good or bad starts and then becomes your routine, action by action, forming  the person you are and the things you believe. 

When you learn to transform your habits, you can transform your life.

How? In our afternoon together, you will discover how to strengthen your inner discipline with simple tricks that can be easily  incorporated in your daily life without so much effort, just slowly. 

After a beautiful shamanic artistic meditative ceremony with Giada, Cori will guide you in our yoga class. To be grounded is to feel solid, strong and well-balanced, in body and in mind. It will be an opportunity to root down creating a firm foundation from which to grow your good routine. 

Valentina’s healthy vegan break with food and tea will contribute to your healthy discipline from within your body.

And in our creative part of the afternoon you  will then identify your goals and work on the best strategies to make your own personal road to a real change with small steps every day.

And your mindset will be enchanted by the massive power of the full potential that is already in your hands and that, once started, simply becomes automatic and marks an imprinting in your life. And the artistic imprinting of our time together  will be a beautiful leaf painting and printing with colors. So start collecting your favourite ones next time you go for a walk:-)

Changing your behavior and sticking to new habits can be hard. No doubt about it and how long it takes to form a particular habit doesn’t really matter that much. What matters is starting and when you can’t do it all, just do something small, because transformation is exactly there, in the little keystones habits.


“The sacred geometry of chance

The hidden law of a probable outcome

The numbers lead a dance”   Sting