Wednesdays (fortnightly)

Drop-in: £10

  •   23rd October
  • 6th,   20th November

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When you move mindfully with your breath, you become more aware of your body, thoughts and emotions. This helps you to cultivate your observational skills, which open you to new inspiration.

This series of beginner-friendly yoga classes has been designed to help you tap into your creativity and support you in finding your artistic outlet. The mind, body and soul are inseparable: each affects the other, as well as being affected by the outside world. In these yoga classes, we will move mindfully with the breath to become more aware of our body, thoughts and emotions. This helps us cultivate observational skills, which are key for being open to fresh inspiration.

As you practise awareness and experience new sensations in yoga class, notice how this starts to spill over into your day to day life. The practice encourages you to be confident and brave while keeping a sense of fun and light-heartedness. Yoga and creativity are naturally linked, both being strongly connected to expression of your instinct, or inner voice. Therefore these tailored yoga classes are sure to be the ideal support for your creative journey.

You are encouraged to bring a pen and paper to write down any ideas and to begin cultivating the habit of getting your thoughts out into the world.



Trained in Italy, now based in Edinburgh, Louise teaches yoga to help people realise their potential – to guide students to be the best version of themselves – balancing resilience with softness, power with grace, cultivating both inner strength and love towards oneself and others.

Louise has trained in Power Yoga and Teen Yoga. Her classes are accessible for beginners. Through Louise’s classes, you will gradually build strength and flexibility through moving, breathing and stretching, carefully sequenced to release tension from the body and mind.

Alongside yoga, Louise is an artist. She finds yoga to be an natural complement to this vocation, as it provides the necessary tools to overcome the challenges of self-doubt, artists’ block and lack of focus. This experience inspired her to teach yoga for artists and yoga for creativity.


Booking conditions

By booking a class with us you release Invisible Caims from any liability arising out of any personal injuries or damages that may happen.